Lionel Richie – Say You Say Me chords

Say You, Say Me
Written by Tony Brown & Lionel Richie
Recorded by Lionel Richie (with Jason Aldean)

Intro.:  || Solo drumming x 4 bars ||
         ||(G) / / (D/F#)|(Em) / / (Em/D)|(C) / / (C/D)|(G) / / / ||
         ||(G) / / (D/F#)|(Em) / / (Em/D)|(C) / / (C/D)|(G) / / / ||

(G) Say you, (D/F#)say me, (Em) (Em/D) say it for al-(C)-ways (C/D)
That's the (G)way it should be
(G) Say you, (D/F#) say me, (Em) (Em/D) say it to-(C)gether (C/D)
Naturally (G)

(G) I had a dream, (D/F#) I had an (Em)awesome dream (Em/D)
(Am)People in the park (C/G) playing (F)games in the dark
(G) And what they played (D/F#) was A (Em)masquerade (Em/D)
And from be-(Am)hind of walls of doubt, (C/G) a (F)voice was crying out, yeah

Repeat Chorus

(G) As we go down, (D/F#) life's (Em)lonesome highway (Em/D)
Seems the (Am)hardest thing to do (G) is to (F)find a friend or two
(G) That helping (D/F#)hand, some one (Em) who understands (Em/D)
That when you (Am)feel you've lost your way, (G) you've got (F)some one there to say
"I'll (D)show you"

Repeat Chorus

So you (Bb)think you know the (F)answers, (C)oh (G)no
Well the (Bb)whole world's got (F)you dancing that's right, I'm (C#) telling you and (D)me, mmh
It's (Bb)time to start be-(F)lieving, (C)oh (G)yes
Be-(Bb)lieving who you are, you (C)are a shining star (D)

Repeat Chorus

Say it togeth-(C)-er, (D) naturally (G)
Say it togeth-(C)-er, (D) naturally (G)
Say it to-(Am)gether, (G) (F) --- naturally (G) -----
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