Lionel Richie – You Are chords

You Are
Lionel Richie

Capo 1


C  Am  C  Am  G

Verse 1:

C G/BBaby you'll find, there's only one love
AmYours and mine. I've got so much love
G/B CAnd needing you so, my love for you
G AmI'll never let go. I've got so much love
G F G CAll I want is to hold you
F G CLet me show how much I love you baby (show you)
F G CI don't mind and I don't mind (loving you)
F GGirl I love you. There's no one above you
C G/B Am G FYou are the sun; you are the rain
GThat makes my life this foolish game
C G/B Am G FYou need to know; I love you so
G CAnd I'd do it all again and again
G/B Am G F Em Dm G CWhoa, whoa, whoa, yeah, yeah
[Repeat Intro] Verse 2:
C Tell me it's true; I can't believe
G/B AmYou do what you do. I've got so much love
G CAnd my love you'll see; we'll stay together
G AmJust you and me; I've got so much love
G F G COnly you (know me)
F G CTell me how to love you baby (show me)
F G CI don't mind, and I don't mind (tell me)
F GGirl, I love you, always thinking of you
[Repeat Chorus] Bridge:
F G C GI know you know the way I feel
F G Bb AmAnd I need your love for always, ‘Cause,
F G CWhen I'm with you, I fall in love
F GAgain and again and again, baby
[Repeat Chorus]
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