Lionel Ritchie – Still tab

    Dsus4 D   Dsus4 D        /      Gmaj7
    La   -dy, Mor  -ning's just a   mo  -ment away

    A    Asus4  A  Asus4 Dsus4  D
And I'm  with -out you once again

   Dsus4            D           
   You laughed  at me

Dsus4 D    D          GMaj7     A
You  said  you never  nee -ded me

 Asus4 A          Dsus4     D
I wonder if you  need me   now

D   Dsus4      GMaj7
We played the games that people play 

My first ever tab-Well i am no expert but the currently posted chords don't seem
 right soI just had to submit something on this. Its not perfect but i am sure
 you will find it a bit closer-Deffo has a G maj 7th in there. Please play and
 improve as so many of LR's songs have not been chorded properly.
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