Lisa Mitchell – Walk With Me chords

Intro: Am, G, F, C x2

Am GThe days go in and out,
F COn and on and further out,
Am GQuietness I always find,
F In my heart
Cin my mind
Am GGive me a sunny day
F CGive me a field of hay
Am GUnder the gumtrees,
F Walk with me
CWalk with me
repeat chords for other verses then
CI want to stay up late,
Csus2 CI want to feel your pain,
F GI can't wait
CI want to hold your hand
Csus2 C F G I want to understand this broken land
Am GNobody deserves this
F CNobody deserves this
that's pretty much all of it. use the same chords for the other parts. enjoy! :)
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