The Reason Why chords with lyrics by Little Big Town - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Little Big Town – The Reason Why chords

The Reason Why, as performed by Little Big Town

[Verse 1] (picking only the root notes)
C F G I could love you
C F GBaby, if you want me to
C F GI could go and fall for you
F C GAnd never even try, hey, hey
[Verse 2] (acoustic guitar only)
C F C G I could let you in
C F C GBaby, where no-body's been
C F C GYeah, I'm ready and willing
F C GTo give this love a try, hey, hey
C F GYou're the reason why (Baby you're the only reason why)
C F GDon't wanna say goodnight (Keep kissing me don't wanna say goodnight)
C F GYeah it feels so right ( Everything is gonna be alright)
F C GYou're the reason why, hey, hey
F C GYou're the reason why, hey, hey
[Verse 3]
C F C G You're in my head
C F C GLike a song I can't forget
C F C GWanna hear it over a--gain
F C G And again hey, hey
[Chorus] (last line only once) [Instumental break - Chorus] only the first three lines, then hold the G into verse [Verse 1] play the "and never even try" line four times [Chorus] (last line only once) [Chorus] (last line four times) [Repeating outro] F.....CG
G F.....CGCome on and take my hand
I'm ready and willing Over and over again
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