Little Boots – Earthquake chords

Same chords all the way through: Bm/G/D/D/

BmI can remember days
GThings weren't always this way
DI used to make you smile
DIf only for a while
BmBut now I can't get through
GThere's no way I can lose
DI know some days are hard
DBut must you make mine too
Bm G Coz I can't stand it
DWhen you come home and we just fight for hours
Bm G But I won't show it
DNo I'll just hold my breath and keep it quiet
BmEvery little earthquake
G DEvery little heartbreak going unheard
BmEvery little landslide
G DCatch it in my hand I won't say a word
BmEvery time you hurt me
G DI know that it's working making you mine
BmEvery clap of thunder
G DOnly makes me stronger on the inside
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