Little River Band – Lady tab

> I have been playing it in the key of D, and playing the main piano part like
 > this:
 >    D          D/C      D/B       D/C                       (Fingering)
 > -------------------------------------------------------   Fret    Finger
 > -------3---------3---------3---------3-----(repeat)----    3       pinky
> -----2---2-----2---2-----2---2-----2---2--------------- 2 middle > ---0--------------------------------------------------- open
> -------------3---------2---------3--------------------- 3,2 ring,index > -------------------------------------------------------
> > > Sometimes I also add a higher note in with the bass note. > I've mostly been strumming the other parts (chords are G and A), but I'm both > trying to figure out a guitar part for the piano, and to come up with my > own version that is entirely picked, even thought the original song has some > strumming in it. Can anyone with ideas pass them on to me? I'm still > pretty new at figuring out pieces by ear, and I'm having problems figuring > out some of the other piano parts. > > Also, I haven't gotten the intro yet. Can anybody help with the chords?
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