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Live – Wings tab


Performed By: LIVE
From the album: "Songs from Black Mountain"
Lyrics & Music Written By: Edward Kowalczyk

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Eb(D#) Tuning (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb eb) Low to High
              (D# G# C# F# A# d#) Low to High

Chords Used In Order of Appearence
(Low to High):

Note: There is a non-standard chord used that I will call "C2".
      Please refer to chord diagram for fingering.
      Also, I am aware that not all chords have been given the proper names.
      This has been done for convenience, mainly mine.

D5  | x 0 0 3 2 x
*D5 | x 5 7 7 x x

C2  | x x 0 0 1 0
*C2 | x 5 5 5 x x

C   | x 3 2 0 1 0
*C5 | x 3 5 5 x x

A5  | 5 7 7 x x x

B5  | 7 9 9 x x x

C5  | 8 10 10 x x x

G5  | 3 5 5 x x x

*Can be played as either open or power chords throughout intro/verse


D5 (strum)
C2 (strum)
C  (strum)

Then play open D, G, and B strings once and quickly hammer-on to D5
(Indicated in verse by (h))

Guitar 1 plays intro once, then is accompanied a second time by
Guitar 2 playing this picking part:

Picking Part 1:

Verse 1: D5 C2 C Weighin' on your mind, like a ball and chain (h)D5 Like a destiny to run from C2 C Division in your soul, keeping you from whole (h)D5 I can't bear to see you cryin' (strum D5 and lead into chorus) Chorus 1: (* = strum)
* * *eb|---------------------------------------------------------------|Bb|---------------------------------------------------------------|Gb|--------------------------------------------------7------------|Db|----7------------7----9----10---------------------7------------|Ab|----7------------7----9----10---------------------5------------|Eb|----5------------5----7----8-----------------------------------|The weight that lays on your shoulders Could be the
* * *(once)eb|--------------------------------------------------5------------|Bb|--------------------------------------------------5------------|Gb|--------------------------------------------------7------------|Db|----7------------7----9----10---------------------7------------|Ab|----7------------7----9----10---------------------5------------|Eb|----5------------5----7----8----------------------5------------| Wings that carry you home
Verse 2: D5 C2 C Sometimes you've got to die to be born again (h)D5 Sometimes you've got to fight (Guitar 2 plays Picking Part 1 through second half of verse) C2 C Sometimes you've got to learn, sometimes you've got to burn (h)D5 the old brush out so the new can grow (Chorus 1 is repeated, but instead of ending on D5 barre, end on):
(G5 is then strummed 5 times and leads into chorus 2) Chorus 2: (Split into 2 parts. Part one is guitar 1 playing a picking part Part two is guitar 2 playing power chords) Part 1 (Picking Part):
1st/3rd 2nd 4theb|---------------------------|------------|-------------|--------------|Bb|----------------8--7--5----|--8"----7"--|--8"----10"--|--------------|Gb|----7"----5"---------------|------------|-------------|--5--4--2--0--|Db|---------------------------|------------|-------------|--------------|Ab|---------------------------|------------|-------------|--------------|Eb|---------------------------|------------|-------------|--------------|
Part 2 (Power chords):
*eb|----------------------------------------------------------------|Bb|----------------------------------------------------------------|Gb|----------7----x------------------------------------------------|Db|----------7----x----10-----------10----9----7----5--------------|Ab|----------5----x----10-----------10----9----7----5--------------| x4Eb|--------------------8------------8-----7----5----3--------------|Could be the wi...i...ngs (Carry you home)
Bridge: (Split into 2 different picking parts) Note: This part may not be exactly correct; as it is difficult to interpret from the recording A flange effect is used on picking part 2 Picking Part 1
eb|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|Bb|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|Gb|----9----6----4----7-------------9----6----4----7------------------------|Db|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|Ab|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|Eb|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Like two long lost friends
End with:
(Intro is then repeated with alternate picking part):
(Chorus 1 is repeated once with G5 ending) (Chorus 2 is the repeated 8 times) END
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