Live – Dance With You tab ver. 2

Title: Dance with you
Artist: Live
Album: The Distance to here

Instrument: 6 String Guitar

Tabbed by: WW (

Tuning: 1/2 Step Down (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)

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CHORDS D5 D5/C# Em G D A D/F# G5/F#Eb|-x---x------0---3--2--0---x-----3--------||Bb|-3---3------0---3--3--2---3-----3--------||Gb|-2---2------0---0--2--2---2-----0--------||Db|-0---x------2---0--0--2---0-----0--------||Ab|-x---4------2---x--x--0---x-----x--------||Eb|-x---x------0---3--x--0---2-----2--------||
INTRO: D5, D5/C#, Em, G. VERSE1: D5 Sittin' on the beach D5/C# The island king of love Em Deep in Fijian seas G Deep in some blissful dream D5 Where the goddess finally sleeps D5/C# In the lap of her lover Em Subdued in all her rage G and I'm aglow with the taste D5 of the demons driven out D5/C# and happily replaced Em with the presence of real love G The only one who saves CHORUS: D A I wanna dance with you D A I see a world where people Em D/F# Live and die with grace G The karmic ocean dried up and leave no trace D A D I wanna dance with you D A Em D/F# I see a sky full of the stars that change our minds G ans lead us back to a world we would not face. VERSE 2 (play as verse 1) LYRICS: The stillness in your eyes convinces me that I I don't know a thing and I been around the world and I've tasted all the wines a half a billion times came sickened to your shores You show me what this life is for. PLAY CHORUS AGAIN BRIDGE: Em D/F# G In this altered state G5/F# Em Full of so much pain and rage D/F# G You know we got to find a way to let it go
GUITAR SOLO:Eb|--------------------------------------------------||Bb|--------------------------------------------------||Gb|--7-7-7-7-7-7-9-9-9-9\7-7-7-7/9-9-9\7-7-6-6-6-7-6-||Db|--------------------------------------------------||Ab|--------------------------------------------------||Eb|--------------------------------------------------||
VERSE 3 (play as verse 1) LYRICS: Sittin' on the beach The Island king of love Deep in Fijian seas, Deep in the heart of it all, Where the goddess finally sleeps. After eons of war and liftimes, She's smilin' and free, nothin' left But cracking voice and a song, oh Lord THEN CHORUS AGAIN. OUTRO: D5 D5/C# We would not face Em (D/F#) G We would not face D5 We would not face D5/C# We would not face Em G We would not face
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