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Liz Callaway – Journey To The Past chords

GHeart don't fail me now
DCourage don't desert me
C D/F#Don't turn back now that we're here
GPeople always say
DLife is full of choices
C Am D/F#No one ever mentions fear
G D/F#or how the world can seems so vast
C Amon this journey
Dto the past
GSomewhere down this road
DI know someone's waiting
C Am D/F#Years of dreams just can't be wrong
GArms will open wide
DI'll be safe and wanted
C Am D/F#Finally home where I belong
G Dwell starting im learning fast
C AmOn this journey
D/F#to the past
G D EmHome, love, family
CThere was once a time
GI must've had them too
G D EmHome, love, family
C D/F#I will never be complete until I find you
GOne step at a time,
DOne hope, then another,
C D/F#Who knows where this road may go
GBack to who I was
DOnto find my future
C Am D/F# Things my heart still needs to know
GYes, let this be a sign
DLet this road be mine
C Am D/F#Let it lead me to my past
C Am D7And bring me home
GAt Last
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