Lmnt – Hey Juliet chords

Hey! I noticed some wrong tabs out there and decided to give it a go!

Artist: LMNT
Song: Hey Juliet
Album: All Sides (2002)

D: x x 0 3 2 3 or x 5 7 7 x x
A: x x 2 2 2 x or 5 7 7 x x x
G: 3 2 0 0 2 2 or 3 5 5 x x x
E: 0 2 1 1 0 0 or x 7 9 9 x x
B: x 2 4 4 4 x or 7 9 9 x x x

Now, you can change up the way you play the chords
depending on if your playing it acoustically or
on an electric setup. 

For the strumming pattern of the song, when changing chords,
you play the previous one before it. For example:


Ok, for the main part of the song, it goes like this:

D AHey I've been watching you
GEvery little thing you do
D AEvery time I see you pass
GIn my homeroom class, makes my heart beat fast
That is the main chord progession for most of the song. Then after the part they hold "Juliet" later in the song, there is a "key change" to:
E BI think you're fine
AYou really blow my mind
E B AMaybe someday, you and me can run away
E B AI just want you to know
AI wanna be your Romeo
E B AHey Juliet
That's it! Very simple song anyone can play! Please rate and comment if you have any questions! Thanks!
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