Lobo – Me And You And A Dog Named Boo chords

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--Capo on fret 4--

Chord D the whole time for the intro

With tab on 6th string going from normal D (2nd fret) for three strums, 
To 3rd fret for 2 strums,
Back to 2nd fret for another only one, 
then 0 for only two strums. 

Just keep doing that for every D chord in the verses. You should be able to hear it in the song.

[Verse 1]

D I remember to this day
G A DThe bright red Georgia clay
DAnd how it stuck to the tires
AAfter the summer rain
DWill power made that old car go
G A DA woman's mind told me that so
DOh how I wish
C We were back on the road again
[ G-G-G-G-G--A ] x2 (One strum for each cord)
G A DMe and you and a dog named boo
G A DTravellin' and livin' off the land
G A DMe and you and a dog named boo
C G DHow I love being a free man
[Verse 2]
DI can still recall
G A DThe wheat fields of St. Paul
DAnd the morning we got caught
D ARobbing from an old hen
DOld McDonald he made us work
G A DBut then he paid us for what it was worth
DAnother tank of gas
C And back on the road again
[ G-G-G-G-G--A ](One strum for each cord)
DI'll never forget the day
G AWe motored stately into big L.A.
DThe lights of the city put settlin'
ADown in my brain
DThough it's only been a month or so
G A DThat old car's buggin' us to go
D CWe've gotta get away and get back on
The road again
[ G-G-G-G-G--A ](One strum for each cord)
[[Chorus]] Keep playing chorus and fade, or about 3 times. No copyright intended, just trying to put up a good version. Enjoy! Sorry for any mistakes, or confusion.
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