Local Natives – World News tab

Hey there again umm this is chord to world news I really love playing this song 
and I've know the chords for sometime now. I've just been busy and I think these 
chords are more spot on then the others so here ya go!

World news:
E---0---0--- The lane next over is always fasterb---0---0--- And you wait so long until you're so botheredg---1---2--- X6 But right after you complete your merged---2---2--- The lane you started in gets goinga---2---2--- And while you wait for your luck to changee---0---2--- All you can think of is where you started
E---2---5---0---|b---4---5---0---|g---4---6---1---| ooooh do-do-do-do-do .. do-do-do-do-do!d---4---7---2---|a---2---7---2---|e---2---5---0---|
Little tune in tha back:*you'll have to figure out which parts to hammer and slide because I always change it up but it's super easy to get into the rhythm of itE-----------------------------------------------| b---0--2--4--5--7--5--7--7(s)9--7--5--9--9(s)2--| g-----------------------------------------------| X2 *End on 7 instead of 2d-----------------------------------------------|a-----------------------------------------------|e-----------------------------------------------|
E---0---0--- You don't like anything on local radiob---0---0--- So you fumble around 'til you land on NPRg---1---2--- X6 And listen to world newsd---2---2--- Well, a bomb went off in the parking lota---2---2--- Of a newly opened Sunni marketplacee---0---2--- And a cloud covers your car at just the right time For you to see the dark on your face
E---2---5---0---b---4---5---0---g---4---6---1--- in the mirrord---4---7---2--- X2 do-do-do-do-do .. do-do-do-do-do!a---2---7---2---e---2---5---0---
(including)o-o-o-o-o-oaaaaaah!E---0---0--- Your phone goes off with a picture of your motherb---0---0--- It's five to six, and she can't find your brotherg---1---2--- X8 And while normally you'd yell and scream,d---2---2--- Instructing her to go and find him on her owna---2---2--- but calmly you're exiting,e---0---2--- And telling her that you are headed on your way home
E---2---5---0---b---4---5---0--- She does not know what to say,g---4---6---1--- X3 Just glad you're on your way d---4---7---2--- You turn off your phone in a different tonea---2---7---2--- Oooh as you think,e---2---5---0--- The bad feeling so bad makes the good so-
E---0---0---| b---0---0---| g---1---2---| X6 gooooooood!d---2---2---| Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo!a---2---2---| e---0---2---|
(the tune is played through out the last part of the song and the choruses)E-----------------------------------------------| b---0--2--4--5--7--5--7--7(s)9--7--5--9--9(s)2--| g----------------------------------------------- X6? *End on 7 instead of 2d-----------------------------------------------|a-----------------------------------------------|e-----------------------------------------------|
Ending tune: p= Pull off s= Slide (sorry for confusion)E------------------------------------------------| b---7(s)2(p)0--0--2--2(s)7--7(s)2(p)0--2--2--7--5|g------------------------------------------------| d------------------------------------------------|a------------------------------------------------|e------------------------------------------------|
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