Loggins And Messina – Your Mama Dont Dance tab

                      Your Mama Don't Dance
                       Loggins and Messina

Tab by:omanyen@fusemail.com

This a great hand-clapping, juke-jivin type of song, played with
a swing-type of shuffle beat. This is best played with two accoustics,
so I've tabbed both guitar parts. This version is done in "A".

h=hammer r=rake( pull-off) /=slide up \=slide down

INTRO:(1st guitar)---------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------|--2------------2------------2------------2------------2--|--2------2-4-2-2------2-4-2-2------2-4-2-2------2-4-2-2--|--0--3h4-------0--3h4-------0--3h4-------0--3h4-------0--|---------------------------------------------------------|
INTRO:(2nd guitar)--5----5--7--5----5--7--5----5--7--5----5--7--5----5--7--|--5----5--7--5----5--7--5----5--7--5----5--7--5----5--7--|--5h6--5--7--5h6--5--7--5h6--5--7--5h6--5--7--5h6--5--7--|---------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------|
CHORUS: A D A Your mama don't dance, your daddy don't rock and roll. ( play intro ) D A Your mama don't dance, your daddy don't rock and roll. ( play intro ) E D When evenin' comes around and it's time to go to town A way to go, you rock and roll. 1st VERSE: A D A The old folks say, you gotta end your date by ten. ( play intro ) D A If you're out on a date and you bring her home late it's a sin. ( play intro ) E D Just goes to show ya it proves that you know you're gonna lose A and never win, I'll say it again. And its all because- ( CHORUS ) Then go to bridge with a walk up :
BRIDGE: D You pull into a drive-way, you find a place to park. D You hop into the backseat, where you know it's nice and dark. D You're just about to groove and you think it's a breeze, D When there's a light in your eye and another guy says: OUTTA THE CAR LONG - HAIR!!!! E D A Louise, you're coming with me, and we'll call the police. ( CHORUS ) Any questions, comments, or complaints, feel free to E-mail me or post a thread at this sight.
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