London After Midnight – Sallys Song tab

 There was a version under danny elfman but it was wrong 
so I fixed it.

I like LAMs version best
Fixed tabbed by: Zorax Xeris

                       I sense there's.........

Em F I sense there's something in the wind B Em That feels like tragedy's at hand G F And though I'd like to stand by him B Em Can't shake this feeling that I have G F The worst is just around the bend Em B C And does he notice my feelings for him F Em B C And will he see how much he means to me B Em I think it's not to be Em F What will become of my dear friend B Em Where will his actions lead us then G F Although I'd like to join the crowd B Em In their enthusiastic cloud G F Try as I may it doesn't last Em B C And will we ever end up together F Em No I think not B C It’s never to become B Em For I am not the one
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