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Long Beach Dub Allstars – Listen To Djs tab

		   Listen To DJs - Long Beach Dub Allstars
Tabbed By: RagingDuck/RoughIdle

Tuning: standard 


strum Am strum D
:e|-3-5-7-8---5-7-8-10---7-8-10-12---5-7-8-10-|b|-------------------------------------------|g|-------------------------------------------|d|-------------------------------------------|a|-------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------| x2
G A B A you have to listen to DJ's from the old days.. Cm Dm might be on your soundcrash on every Friday... G A B A King Kong sings a song called Trouble Again... _____CHORUS_________________________ Cm Dm you have to listen to DJ's from all the old days... (2x) _____VERSE__________________________<01:32> Em G U-ROY will be gone by the end of the day.. (pause) strum Am strum D _____CHORUS_________________________<02:00> Rhythm Guitar: G A B A You've got to listen to DJ's from across the globe... x2 _____BRIDGE_________________________<02:23> G G G A A Yami Bolo Johnny Osborne and Risto Benji B B B A A Sassafras, Big Youth, and Daddy Freddy G G G A A Chaka Demus, Junior Reed, a man called Frankie Paul B B B Shinehead, Major Mackeral _____OUTRO__________________________<02:33> Cm Dm all rock the dance hall (3x) Cm Dm you have to listen to DJ's from all the old days... strum Am Strum G slowly
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