Lorene Scafaria – We Cant Be Friends chords

We Can't Be Friends - Lorene Scafaria

E AI want to pick you up I don't care what time
EI want to drive real fast To some place in town
AI want to stress you out I want to make things hard
HI want to take your hand I want to leave this bar
EI want to wake you up On a driving train
cis A H That's laid its tracks down inside my brain
E AI want to hear your band I want to give advice
EI want to meet your girlfriend She sounds nice
AI want to take you home I want to feel my age
HI want to freak you out On a different stage
EI want to show my teeth I want to keep you fed
cis A I want to get too drunk and let it go to your head
H ESo I guess this means we can't be friends
E AI want to be unique I want to be your kind
EI want to make you hate me Then change your mind
AI want to wear a skirt I want to make mistakes
HI want to kill you first Then take your name
EI want to tear you apart I want to make your bed
cis AI want to break your heart I want to break your head
H E ASo I guess this means we can't be friends Yeah
H E AI guess this means we can't be friends Yeah
H EI guess this means we can't be friends.
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