Lorrie Morgan – What Part Of No chords

Intro----------  Bb

Verse (1)
Eb BbSir if you don't mind, I rather be alone
Ab Bb EbFrom the moment I walked in tonight, you've been comin' on
AbIf I told you once, I told you twice, I'm just here to unwind
Bb Ab Bb EbI'm not interested in romance or what you have in mind
Eb AbWhat part of NO don't you understand
Bb Ab Bb EbI put it plain and simple, I'm not in to one night stands
AbI'll be glad to explain it, if its too hard to comprehend
Bb EbWhat part of NO don't you understand.
Instrumental---------- Bb Verse (2)
Eb BbI appreciate the drink and the rose was nice of you
Ab Bb EbI don't mean to be so bleak, I don't think I'm gettin' thru
Eb AbI don't need no company and I don't want to dance
Bb EbWhat part of NO don't you understand.
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