Los Lobos – Rango Theme chords

Chord Arranged by Henri K.
Hope u enjoy it
I prefer to play this song either with capo on 1st fret or without a capo, both sounds 
good to me :D

AmFrom out of the dust
C Amcame a man true and bold
Am F EChampion of the fandango
Am EmBy night he drank whiskey
F Amby day killed bad man
C G AmAnd the townspeople knew him as rango
AmComin'down the mountainside
C Amthe people hailed his name
Am F EAnd of his legend they sango
Am EmWith iron in his heart
F Amsteel in his claw
C G AmHe pumped their heads all full of lead and rango
D AmRango.....Rango.....
D Am Dm GRango.....Rango.....
[(2nd part) chords same as above ] A ladies man indeed from his head down to his knees Rango was doing the tango But in came bad bill from his hide out on the hill With a notion to kill rango. Chorus: Rango....Rango Rango....Rango... Rango (3rd part) Now rango he is gone but his legend still lives on in the Brothels and saloon of durango He lived as he died A six gun at his side And all the ladies cried for rango Chorus: Rango...Rango Rango...Rango... Rango (rango,rango...)
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