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Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 12:16:05 -0800
From: Steve Pax 
To: Olga 
Subject: CRD:l/los.lobos/evangeline.crd (repost)



Evangeline is on the road
Just barely seventeen
                  A - D - E
When she left home
E                     A
Don’t know where she is
Or where she’s goin’
              A              E              A - D - A
She is the queen of make believe, Evangeline

A               E                  A
I can still remember that little girl
                  E                       A
Black eyes just starin’ at this big old world
              D                  A
Went off to find some American dream
                 E      D                      A - D - A
Train ticket in one hand and her new blue jeans


She went out dancin’ on a Saturday night
Silk stockings and high heels
Blue liner on her eyes
Come Sunday mornin’
She’s all alone
Head lyin’ on the night stand
By the telephone


… she is the queen of make believe, Evangeline
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