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Lou Reed And Metallica – The View tab

"The View"
Lou Reed & Metallica
Drop D Tuning (DADGBE)

I listened to this song on UG when it was first released. Not sure what to think of it,
but for those of you who want to play it, I got it tabbed for you.

Intro Main RiffE|------------|--------------------------------|B|------------|--------------------------------|G|------------|--2-----------5-----------------|D|-5----7--7--|--2---1---0---5---5----7--7-----|A|-5----7--7--|--0---1---0---3---5----7--7-----|D|-5----7--7--|------1---0-------5----7--7-----| Repeat the main riff as many times as needed
Hetfield SingsE|------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------|G|---------------------2-----2--------|D|-7--0--7--10--0--7---2--1--2--1--0--|A|-7--0--7--10--0--7---0--1--0--1--0--|D|-7--0--7--10--0--7------1-----1--0--| Repeat this as many times as needed
Play over final noise soloE|-------------------------|B|-------------------------|G|-------------------------|D|-1--1--0--4--0--1--1--3--|A|-1--1--0--4--0--1--1--3--|D|-1--1--0--4--0--1--1--3--| Repeat as many as times as needed
Thats about it besides some noise solos. Please let me know what you think by rating or commenting!
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