Lovage – Stroker Ace tab

Song: 		Stroker Ace
Artist:		Lovage
Instrument: 	Guitar
Transcribed by:	Sandro Brincher (www.brincher.com.br)
Scale: G# minor
Tunning: standard

This is the guitar solo, which is actually the main guitar part in the whole song.

Guitar S S E. E. S S E. E. S S E. E. T S. T S. S T E T E||--9-11-12----------------------|----------------------------------------|B||-------------------11-12-------|-----11-12-------12----12----12/11------|G||----------------13-------------|--13------------------------------------|D||-------------------------------|----------------------------------------|A||-------------------------------|----------------------------------------|E||-------------------------------|----------------------------------------|
Horns part (Chord: C# minor) If you want to fool around with some guitar chords, try this one using the horns rhythm pattern (with a lot of feeling!):
Q S.E T S S S S.E. T Q S.E T S S S S.E. T E||--------9-------9--9----9-------|--------9-------9--9----9-------|B||--------9-------9--9----9-------|--------9-------9--9----9-------|G||--------9-------9--9----9-------|--------9-------9--9----9-------|D||-------11------11-11---11-------|-------11------11-11---11-------|A||--------------------------------|--------------------------------|E||--------------------------------|--------------------------------|
Duration Legend --------------- W - whole H - half Q - quarter E - 8th S - 16th T - 32nd X - 64th . - note dotted Tablature Legend ---------------- x/y - Slide from note x to y.
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