Love And Theft – Its Up To You tab

You can repeat the intro throughout the chorus and the 1st and 2nd verses, or you can 
play the chords.

Am:      002210
F:          xx3211
C:         032010
G:         320033
D:          000232
Bb:        x13330
Csus4: 033010


                      	Am	                              F                                
     C	                     G

E --------------------------------------------------------------------|B ----------1------------1----------------1--------------3------------|G ----------2------------2----------------0--------------0------------| (2x)D ----------2--------3------------3-------2--------------0------------|A ----0----------0------------------3----------3----------------------|E --3-------------------------------------------------3----------3----|
Am F C G Right now you’ve got it made got made, got everybody fooled… (Chorus) Am F C G Am F C G Hey, whatcha gonna do when the whole world turns around on you …. Am Try to be the friend F The friend I’ve never been D But I’m running out of things to do F I can’t change the way you are Am-F-C-G (2x) It’s up to you, it’s up to you… Verse 2 I see you standin there, a rock in your hand Before you throw that thing, you need to understand That this house is made of glass so get out while you can (chorus) Bridge: F The tide is coming in Let me know when you’re ready to begin D Bb Csus4 I’m here and I’ve known you much too looooooong to give up now
(or use Am – F—C—G 4x) (Chorus) F C G Hey, whatcha gonna do…. Am F C G Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh (4x) Am F C G Am F C G Hey whatcha gonna do when the whole world turns around on you Hey whatcha gonna say when the bombs you’re throwin start headin your way Heeeyyy whatcha gonna do
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