Low Cash Overflow – Bad Seed tab

key: F
(F G A A G F) 
Now you are alone 
And you don´t know why 
runaway from me 
And after you said Bye 
There´s still something in your mind 
That  you have to find 
something that you can hear 
But baby, you don´t have to fear 
(C D E E7) 
This the sound of my voice 
Coming back again... 
It´s killing  you 
And you´re feeling all my pain 
You Still need me 
But now i don´t want you 
Cause you´re such a bad seed 
(F G A A G F) 
Now i know for sure 
I won´t be shared 
Yes i´m thinking about... 
And ... yes i will shout it out... 
Shout it loud 
Dont´t impresse me 
 But I  believe 
That you can hear me 
All time around 
(and inside out)  
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