Low - Venus tab

This is my first tabbut I'm fairly sure that it's 100% accurate. Was just fooling around 
in DGDGAD (all thanks to LOW) and there it was :)

And it goes like this the whole song except for the bridge:

Venus                   Have you ever seen us?

D |--0--------------|--0--------------|--0--------------|--0--------------||A |--5--------------|--0--------------|--0--------------|--0--------------||G |--0--------------|--0--------------|--0--------------|--0--------------||D |--0--------------|--7--------------|--9--------------|--10-------------||G |--0--------------|--x--------------|--X--------------|--0--------------||D |--0--------------|--7--------------|--9--------------|--10-------------||
Bridge: Have you seen my dreams? They're the same as yours it seems
D |--7--------------|--7--------------|--7--------------|--7----------0--||A |--9--------------|--7--------------|--9--------------|--7----------0--||G |--7--------------|--9--------------|--7--------------|--9----------0--||D |--7--------------|--7--------------|--7--------------|--7----------10-||G |--7--------------|--9--------------|--7--------------|--9----------0--||D |-----------------|--7--------------|-----------------|--7----------10-||
and then back to verse! The strumming pattern is really easy if you play along to the song. It sounds beautiful on a dobro-guitar!
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