No Defence tab with lyrics by Lucie Silvas - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Lucie Silvas – No Defence tab

Intro: C5, F, C5, F
C				Fmaj				C		Fmaj
Armed with an arrow you're pointing it straight at my heart,
C				Fmaj				C		Fmaj
Watching me break as I try to find my way out of the dark,
Am			E7			Am		D
They say each moment comes to an end, so my pain is its consequence,
F		G7		C
It's a battle and I have no defence.

C				Fmaj				C		Fmaj
Sure as you said that you loved me you turned me away,
C				Fmaj				C		Fmaj
Suddenly everything changed right in front of my face,
Am			E7			Am		D
They say sometimes loves just unfair, but why's it at my expense?
F		G7		C
I've no answers and I have no defence.

Dm7				G7	     C			C7		
     I guess I'll never understand, how love can come and go, go
Dm7				G7	    C			C7
    Looking through the broken glass now I know, no no no
Dm7				G7		Am		D7
   Even though my bitter doubt lets my loneliness show,
   F		G7		C
I'll get over you, over you in the end.
Fmaj			C		Fmaj

C				Fmaj			C		Fmaj
I wish that I had the courage to leave you behind,
C				Fmaj			C		Fmaj
Cause you are the one that I'll love for the rest of my life,
Am				E7			Am		D
They say someday I'll trust again, but it makes no difference,
        F		G7		Am		D7
Cause it's a battle and I have no defence, no, no, no
          F		G7			C5	F	C	F	C
It's a battle and I have no, no defence			Mmm, Oh
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