Lucinda Williams – Copenhagen chords

INTRO:  Dm, C, G x2


Dm C GThundering news hits me like a snowball
G9 striking my face and shattering
Dm C GCovering me in a fine powdery and mist
G9and mixing in with my tears
Dm C GAnd I'm fifty-seven but I could be seven years old,
G9Cause I will never be able
Dm C to comprehend the expansiveness
G of what I've just learned, that...
C G/B Am7You, have disappeared
Am/G F9 FYou have been released
Gsus4You are flecks of light
GYou are mist
Somewhere, spinning round the sun Circling the moon Traveling through time You are mist VERSE 2: Walking through unfamiliar streets and I'm shaking unfamiliar hands and I'm hearing unfamiliar laughs and lovely language I don't understand It's late October in Copenhagen The skies are grey, the snow is falling I see my breath outside, I'm freezing I'm motionless, in disbelief, that... REPEAT CHORUS AD LIB (Dm, C, G) TO END ENJOY!
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