Lucky Boys Confusion – Childs Play tab

Artist: Lucky Boys Confusion
Title: Child's Play

This is a great band out of the Chicago burbs, if you haven't heard
them, check them out, tonsa good songs.

Do this a couple of times for the start of each verse in a clean tone then hit the distortion and do some of this hitting the A# twice and then a little variation on the rythym for the D#.
e--------------|B--------------|G---------8-8--| they alternate the strum pattern of theD-8-8-----8-8--| second chord so you just have to listenA-8-8-----6-6--| and figure it out.E-6-6----------| ^ Pause here
They do a little pause after each verse and then the chorus comes in
Then they go into this "Oh Momma, did you hear, they're gonna make me a superstar part" and there is a little riff before it and during it, and i got that part, but they switch to some chords that are just about the same notes, but i can't figure those out, so any help would be appreciated.
e-----6-----------------------|B----------10--9--8-----------|G---7---5---------------------| just repeat this a couple timesD-----------------------------|A-----------------------------|E-----------------------------|
There it is, i hope this will start more people on tabbing out some more LBC stuff, i also have Arizona Stand started, but i can't figure out the clean high chords for the verse, once again, any help would be nice. Nick
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