Butterflies tab with lyrics by Lucy Spraggan - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Lucy Spraggan – Butterflies tab

This is my intake on butterflies by Lucy Spraggan from watching youtube clips
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cu5hlEu2jLM) I think this is 95% accurate.



Its this the whole time accept when it goes into the chorus:)

E C G DE---------------------------------------------|B--0------1----0h1---0-------3----------------|G----0------0----------0--------2---0h2-------|D----------------------------0----------------|A---------3-----------------------------------|E--0-----------------3------------------------|
when you're just about to go in the chorus instead of fingerpicking the D just strum once and go straight into the chorus. when playing the cadd9 chord hammer on the 3rd string(D) (to get the strumming pattern listen to the songs its really simple) Chords: Em x22033 Cadd9 x32033 G 320033 D xx0232 CHORUS: Em Cadd9 G D When I look into your face there's no more dreaming Em Cadd9 G D When I look into your eyes there's no more words Em Cadd9 G D Butterflies long drives in the sunset evenings Em Cadd9 G D Basically you can knock me off the earth
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