Luke Bryan – Tailgate Blues chords


G C G yea i catch my buzz in the black of the night
D C Gwhere nobody ever goes and the warm win blows
G C Gand if i lose my cool in the open then it shows
D G that im down and i aint alright
G C Gi search my soul where there is no moon
D C Gthe trees all cross and they're covered in moss
G C Gif the crickets wanna know then i'll tell em what i lost
D Goh i got th tailgate blues
Am G
D C Gi aint sure where it all began
D Gsomewhere round here i know
D C Gthis bridge was a little more crowded then
Em Di was playin her a tailgate show
C Dnow im just sittin here alone
D C Gdamn that AM radio
D G for playin more than a song
D C Gmy heart wont beat if the strings are broke
Em Dthe melodys hittin me wrong
C Dright here where she belongs
D C the crickets heard my story and i listened to em sing
G Das i closed the tailgate up
D C Daint no tellin what tommorrow might bring maybe me
C Dand a dixie cup but that wont be enough
chorus 2x's
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