Luke Wood – You Pour Out Mercy chords

F F/E Dm F F/E DmYou have known our souls in adversity
CWhen we strive against You
F F/E Dm F F/E DmYou extend Your hand time and time again
CFrom the heights of glory to the depths of my heart
Am G/B CFor You have bound Yourself to man
Am G/B CDespite his unfaithfulness
F F/E G AmYou pour out mercy
F F/E G AmYou open Your heart
F F/E G AmYou pour out mercy to
F F/E G AmReveal Your heart
F F/EAll man's empty promises
G AmLie broken at Your feet
F F/E G AmBut You have never broken one
F You open up Your heart
G Am Time and time again
FYou give beauty for ashes,
G AmGarments of praise
F You give infinite mercy
G Am To those who fear Your name
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