Lush – Hypocrite tab ver. 2

From: (Simon Booth x8125)

			Hypocrite - Lush

			From the album "Split"

Bass Intro

E5 G5 E5 G5 E5 F#5 G5 F#5 E5 G5 A Silly Girl F#5 G5 E5 I Run around and never know my reasons G5 And though laughing F#5 G5 E5 with me I know what you say about me G5 I can't explain F#5 G5 It's not your business any way E5 G5 So don't say you understand F#5 G5 And don't pretend your on my side E5 G5 And I remember when F#5 G5 E5 You hated her for sleeping next to him G5 I see your smiling face F#5 G5 But I know you've done worse to me E5 G5 You hypocrite F#5 G5 E Don't talk to me 'cause you're not fit to know me G5 So don't pretend F#5 G5 That you could've ever been a friend E5 G5 And still F#5 G5 I'm sure you think it's OK E5 G5 What you've done F#5 G5 E5 To me cause I'm so bad to him E5 Don't even G5 G5 E5 Try to hide behind that stupid lie G5 I know your F#5 G5 E5 Kind and I know where your loyalties lie SOLO
E5 G5|-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------||-----------12-11----14--14-14-14--12-11--||-14--14-14-------14----------------------||-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------|
F#5 G5|-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------||-----------11-9----11--11-11--12-11------||-12--12-12------12-----------------------||-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------|
E5 G5|-----------------------------------------||-----------12--12-12---------------------||---------------------14-14-12-11---------||-14--14-14-------------------------------||-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------|
F#5 G5|-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------||-14--14-14-14-14-14-14-14-12-12-12-11----||-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------|
E5 G5 E5 G5 E5 G5 The Silly girls F#5 G5 We run around and never know our reasons E5 G5 And though I understand F#5 G5 E5 I guess I'll say that you betrayed me G5 I am a hypocrite F#5 G5 I dish it out but I can't take it E5 G5 I know you think it's wrong F#5 G5 E5 And maybe you're right but this is my song G5 And still F#% I'm sure you think It's Ok E5 G5 What she did F#5 G5 E5 To me cause I'm so bad to him G5 Don't even F#5 G5 E5 try to hide behind that stupid smile G5 I know F#5 G5 E Our kind and I know where our loyalties lie ----------------------------- CHORDS: E5 022xxx (I play it like this anyway !) OR: x799xxx ?? G5 355xxx F#5 244xxx This is as close as I can get it.... Any correction gratefuly received !
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