Lush - Cats chords

Cat's Chorus, by Lush
Tabbed by: Patrick Gorman
Tuning: Standard

Intro Em-D-A x2

Verse 1
Em-D-A x2Drinking
Em-D-A x2Sitting in the corner
Em-D-A G F# ASmiling to the others arriving
A Em-D-A x2Here we are again
Verse 2
Em-D-A x2Talking
Em-D-A x2Telling all our stories
Em-D-A G F# ALaughing at the things that we've all been through
A Em-D-A x2Over all the years
G C EmAnd as the hours pass till midnight
G A C Em-D-A x2We'll sing together in the moonlight
C And looking back to
Bm AWhen we first met
EmWe seemed so different
Bm CSo many years have passed
GSo much time
DAnd were still here
C EmWhatever times may come
D D Don't ever change Oh
Em-D-A x 8 Lead
G C EmOutside we're sitting in the moonlight
G A C Em-D-A x2And we'll be here under the moon's light
Em-D-AWe'll be la la la
Em-D-ALaughing in the moonlight
Em-D-ASinging songs till midnight
Em-D-ABunny, Kate and Emma
Em-D-AMaxine and Melissa
Em-D-ASinging songs till midnight
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