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From: (Scott, Mari & Brian)
Subject: TAB:Starlust-Lush
Date: 27 Jun 1995 21:29:29 GMT

   My favorite band this week
                            Trancribed by,
                                bRIAN eBBITT
There is a part missing out on this song, I couldn't figure it oou
sorry people!

Intro B Ee--0-----0-------|b--0-----0-------|g--9-----0-------|d--9-----9-------|a--7-----9-------|E--------7-------|x3
e---------------0---------|b------------0----0-------|g---------7---------0-----|d------7---------------0--|a---5---------------------|E-------------------------| Repeat a bunch of times
Lead (I think)
Lyrics Walking at midnight in darkness alone standing in the shadows and I'm watching your glow standing in the red light and I'm smiling at you freaming of the starlight just waiting for you I'll do anything to make you mine, make me shine take me if you want me I don't care. I don't mind I want your starlight make it mine make me shine touch me with your light me me burn. End of song Gee, I guess all the people who added me to their kill file are all missing out now. Too bad. ---- End Forwarded Message
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