Lymphatic Phlegm - Estimation Of Creatine-phosphokinase As An Additional Method For Identification Of Seminal Stains tab

Lymphatic Phlegm
Pathologist's Cadaveric Fleshfeast
Estimation Of Creatine-Phosphokinase As An Additional Method For
Identification Of Seminal Stains

Copyright (c)  Bizarre Leprous Production 2002
Version 1.0 - 24.5.06

Transcribed By: Yaniv Dekel

.  - palm mute           /  - slide up to
\  - slide down to       ~  - vibrato
h  - hammer on           b  - Bend
p  - pull off            Suffixes for bend
t  - tap                 f  - full bend    h - half bend
ph - pinched harmonic    q  - quarter bend t - tap bend
*  - see comment         ^  - Hold bend    r release bend
x  - Stuccatto           ~  - vibrato bend
,  - slight palm mute    () - ghost note, sustained note
"  - tremolo note        <> - Trill

Tuning E A D G B E

Riff A x6|--------------------------------||--------------------------------||--------------------------------||-----4-------2-------4-------5--||-----2-------0-------2-------3--||-0h2-----0h2-----0h2-----0h2----|
Let the last chord ring the last time Riff A x4 Let ring again
Riff B x4|-----------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------4---------------------------4-------||---------------------4-4-5-5-2-------------------4---5---2---5---||-2-2-4-4-5-5-4-4-2-2-2-2-3-3-----2-2-4-4-5-5-4-4-2---3-------3---||-0-0-2-2-3-3-2-2-0-0-------------0-0-2-2-3-3-2-2-----------------|
Riff C x6 1,3,5 2,4,6|-------------------------------------|------|--------||-------------------------------------|------|--------||-------------------------------------|------|--------||-------------------------------------|------|--------||-2222--222--222-2-----2222--222--222-|-0----|-2p0----||-0000-2000-3000---3---0000-2000-3000-|---2--|-----3--| *
* On the 5th time the left guitar plays the 2nd ending and not the 1st.
End segment with|-----------||-----------||-----------||-----------||-2-riiiing-||-0---------|
Riff A x6 Let the last chord ring the last time Riff A x4 Let ring again
And kill with|--------||--------||--------||--------||-2------||-0------|
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