Lynn Miles – Flames Of Love chords

Left handed
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Capo on 5th Fret  

( C)                                  (Em) 

Show me your mystery, show me your shame 
(Fmaj7)   (G)             (C)  

Tell me your secret code 

(Em) Forget every lesson that you ever learned
(Fmaj7) (G) About the middle of the road (C) (E7) Let's break the bank and the rules and the chains
(Am) (Fmaj7) Do everything that we ever dreamed of
(F) (C) Let's build a fire and let it get hot
(G) (C) Let's go down in the flames of love
(C)Read the contract (Em)all the way through (Fmaj7)Use your blood (G)to sign your (C)name Take a look in the mirror, re(Em)member this moment You're never gonna (Fmaj7)feel quite the (G)same (C)I will you show my conscience, (E7)show you my shame Every (Am)hurt that I am made (Fmaj7)of Let's build a fire and (C)let it get hot Let's go (G)down in the flames of (C)love (Am)Let's stop running a(D7)round in circles (Fmaj7)Telling our (G)little white (C)lies (Am)Let's write this story Let's (D7)settle this now Take off your (Fmaj7)hat, your gloves, your dis(G)guise (C)Pay no attention to the (Am)cynics and the doubters Who (Fmaj7)peer from below and a(G)bove 'Cause they (Fmaj7)don't have the courage or the (C)will or the desire To (G)burn in the flames of (C)love (C)There is nothing in your (Em)heart right now You (Fmaj7)have not (G)invited (C)in So take a leap, (Em)lose the net Let (Fmaj7)history be(G)gin
(C)Let's be the heroes and the (E7)saints and the martyrs
Let's do every(Am)thing that we every dreamed (Fmaj7)of Let's build a fire and (C)let it get hot Let's go (G)down in the flames of (C)love
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