La Bionda – Sandstorm chords

[Intro:] A Gm

AFly with the clouds from the wind
GmIn the desert there’s a sandstorm
ADust in my eyes in my ears
GmThere’s a rumor of a sandstorm.
AMoments of a fear drawing near
GmGive me shelter from the sandstorm
DmSee how the sun's burning eye
GmIn the sky closes tight
ABringing night while we wait
DmIn the gloom from the sandstorm
DmFall to the ground all around
GmDoes wind blow by the sand
ARaise your hand to your face
DmBut it can't stop the sandstorm
Sandstorm… [Break:] Dm C A Gm Gm A
ANowhere to run or to hide
GmFrom the fury of the sandstorm
ANo one can say how much time
GmWe must suffer in the sandstorm
AEach of us stands here along
GmAt the mercy of the sandstorm
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