Lambchop – Crackers chords

Ab Fm
Ab Fm Db Eb

AbCrackers spoil in the California sun
FmAutumn leaves, but she never said where she was going
AbIn your heart, your mind grown dumb
Fm Db EbYou feign surprise to learn that that's where babies come from
Db EbRemove your grace and ease
Db EbTry to avoid even the casual relationship to cheese
Db Eb GbGirl I'm on my knees
Ab Db GbThere's a righteous piece of cheese
[Break] Db C7 Eb F [Verse]
AbThis twenty minutes doesn't seem that long
FmStill there's a tendency to always get the words wrong
AbAnd here we sit out this tropical storm
Fm Db EbBurning pages from your notebook just to keep your hands warm
Db EbIn or out of bed
Db EbThis sergeant shaved my head
Db EbYour outrageous guess
GbCover them with roses and affliction
Gb DbBe the one that hardly speaks of fiction any more
GbTo leave when you're on top
GbAnd your team gets robbed
GbOvercasted funny faces
DbHardly reminiscent of the truth
[Break] Db C7 Eb F [Verse]
AbIn the barracks by the army cot
FmThere's a feller who just cut his face shaving
AbAnd as he bleeds un his pillow in the dark
Fm Db Eb AbWaiting for the morning when he gets to go online to you
[Outro] Ab Fm Ab Fm Ab Fm Db Eb Fm
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