Lambchop – A Day Without Glasses chords

C   Bb   Dm   Am
C   Bb   Dm
C   Bb   Dm   Am
Bbm C Bb F    C F

F AmIt takes the sum of all the kindness
Dm BbAnd the whole of all the guilt
Db C Bb F C FI scramble our affection like some eggs
F AmThere's things I want to tell you
Dm BbBut sometimes I get confused
Db C Bb FStill I try to make a mental note of this
Dm Am Bb CBut tonight we'll have the whole place to ourselves
Dm Am Bbm GmAnd tomorrow will not have the chance to speak
Dm Am Bb CCome closer now so these words lay soft and low in your ear
Bbm C Bb FI've never had a moment of regret
[Intro] C Bb Dm Am C Bb Dm C Bb Dm Am Bbm C Bb F C F [Verse]
F AmI should have seen this coming
Dm BbAnd if pressed I guess I did
Db C Bb F C FIt's not like I can change things in a day
F AmLet's step out from the ghetto
Dm BbLet's stray too far from church
Db C Bb FWe should take this to the highest court in the land
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