Its Not Alright chords with lyrics by Lambchop - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Lambchop – Its Not Alright chords

C    F G
C    F G
C    F G
C    F G

C AmMedical alert but it doesn't really hurt
C GNow there's nothing we can do
FIt's already on its way
C AmYou didn't wait to call, didn't hesitate at all
C GNow there's nothing we can do
F COnly waiting it's already on its way
[Intro] C F G C F G [Verse]
C AmI remember feeling down when winter came around
C GAnd you gave me a hat
FPut it on and let's go out
C AmAnd we talked and talked again, until the snow turned into rain
C GAnd in spite of all we said
F CI already want to know more than I do
[Intro] C F G C F G [Chorus]
C EmAnd when you sighed
Am GIt was so hard to hide
C EmI saw the sign
Am GFlashing in your eyes
C EmIt's not alright
Am GAnd it doesn't help to know
A G FThat I'm not the only one who feels the way
CThe way it feels
[Horns] C F G C F G [Chorus]
C EmDid you try
Am GAnd bury it inside
C EmDid you hide?
Am GI do it all the time
C EmThe day's arrived
Am GIt seems like such a crime
A G FTo conceal the heart I have
CThe heart I have
[Outro] C Am C Am C Am C Am Cmaj7
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