Lambchop – Of Raymond chords

Ab Fm Cm Eb

Ab FmI have stood here in this garden
Cm EbWhere you placed me in the spring
Ab Fm Cm EbI have held my arms gracefully from my side
Db EbA dog dish and an Afro pick
Cm FmYou laid beside me as a trick
Db Eb CmOf compassion that comes through the night
Db EbIn fields of green, in fields of straw
Cm FmThere ain't no telling what we saw
Db Eb AbAs we stand together, on this hill
Ab Fm Cm EbI used to be a part of a more complicated scheme
Ab Fm Cm EbAs furniture with glass upon my head
Db EbYou paint me white, you clean me off
Cm FmYou say my name each time you cough
Db Eb CmIt's a pattern as old as it gets
Db EbI'll stay right here till you get back
Cm FmYou're concrete white, I'm plastic black
Db Eb AbI'm the statue of the Virgin Mary
[Break] Ebm Dbm Bbm Ab Ebm Bbm Ab Eb [Verse]
Ab FmI am free from all decisions
Cm EbI am free from all despair
Ab Fm Cm EbYou can see there's not a wrinkle on my face
Db EbLooks pretty good from where I stand
Cm FmNo crying fields, no sins of man
Db Cm FmAll for the love of Raymond
Db Eb AbAll for the love of Raymond
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