Lambchop – Ohio chords

Ebmaj7 BbOh, O - hi - o
Abmaj7 Abdim7Seems - like
Gm7 D7A dream to me now
Fm7 BbNewspapers in an empty basket
Eb BbAnd I, I know
Abmaj7 Abdim7All will show
Gm7 D7I wrote your name
Fm7 BbUpon a paper bag
Cm7 G7 Eb F7Brown today and green tomorrow
Fm7 Bb/FGreen doesn't matter
Fm7 Bb/FYeah, green doesn't matter
Cm7 G7And I hear that the word is out
Eb F7And a dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do
Fm7 Bb/FGreen doesn't matter
Fm7 BbGreen just doesn't matter
EbWhen you're blue
[Break] Eb Bb Abmaj7 Abdim7 Gm7 Gbdim7 Fm7 Bb [Verse]
Eb BbBusting my chops
Abmaj7 Abdim7Green fields into rocks
Gm7 D7Beyond the fruited plain
Fm7 BbWhere there grows no fruit again
Cm7 BAnd I got your theme
Eb Inside my head, inside my head
Abmaj7 Abdim7Green doesn't matter
Gm7 Gbdim7Green doesn't matter
Fm7 Bb/FGreen doesn't matter much
Fm7 Bb/FYeah, green just doesn't matter much
Fm7 Bb/FAnd green doesn't matter
EbWhen you're blue
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