Lambchop – The Rise And Fall Of The Letter P chords

C D7 G Gm7
Am F D7 Fmaj7

C C/B FWell it started out intimate enough
C C/B FShe was hardly convinced of this
C C/B FAnd nothing was right without it
C C/B FAnd every thing, I mean every thing's unclean
C C/B FHow long is the right to suffer
C C/B FWhen nothing impresses me
C C/B FYou are scared of all the couples and the mothers
C C/B FWho disrespect your orders of the day
C D7And I can't stand up
G Gm7And I can't give back
Am FNothing seems too impossible
D7 FTo understand a man like me
[Break] C C/B F C C/B F C C/B F C C/B F [Bridge]
D7 CAnd I promise I won't live without you
D7 FAnd I promise I won't be that mean
D7 GThese stupid promises are accumulating
Gm AmIn a grossly unwholesome scene
C C/B FNow I'm happy to have lived without it
C C/B FPretty easy, if you know what I mean
C C/B FI will stand upon a windswept hillside
C C/B FLater to recount how much this meant to me
D7 F CBecause this is the rise and fall of the letter P
[Outro] C C/B F C C/B F C C/B F C C/B F
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