Lambchop – Nothing But A Blur From A Bullet Train chords

Fm7 Eaug Ab Bb7
Dbmaj7 Bbm7 Dbmaj7 Eb7 Ab

Fm7 EaugWearing a halo of mist
Ab Bb7Glowing pink and purple
Dbmaj7In the afternoon light
Bbm7A sprawling from a hub
Dbmaj7 Eb7 AbGave way to patches of green
Fm7The wine colored country
EaugUnfolded as we tumbled
AbInto our rooms
Bb7And our travel kinks
Dbmaj7Floated away
Bbm7As we stroked the sunrise
Dbmaj7 Eb7 AbStained the lake a hazy pink
Cm Dbmaj7With the jade tree green rivers
Cm AbOr the apple trees
Cm Dbmaj7And the thought of wearing our sun screen
Bbm7And evergreens are layered
Dbmaj7Like feathers
Eb7At your feet
Fm7 EaugNothing but a blur from a bullet train
Ab A picturesque
Bb7Old teahouse
Dbmaj7 BbmWith a carp pond
Dbmaj7 Eb7 Ab Dbmaj7 BbmAs we trundled out of the tunnel
Dbmaj7 Eb7 Cm Fm7As we trundled out of the tunnel
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