Lambchop – Fear chords

C6 Bm7 G
C6 Bm7 G

C6Words turn into flowers into paper into plastic cups
Bm7 GThat tie around a figure that was planted in the snow
[Break] C6 Bm7 G C6 Bm7 G Gadd9 [Verse]
Gadd9 Gadd9/F#And often is the case when you have set yourself
BSpecific goals you spaz out in mid sentence and you
Gadd9 Gadd9/F#Mind is gripped in fear
Gadd9I know you're bored
Gadd9/F# CLets take a walk
Gadd9 Gadd9/F#We'll bring the dog
Gadd9 Gadd9/F#Be resolute, be forthright, be indicative of all that's
CBlack and futuristic sea creatures that
Gadd9 Gadd9/F# CNibble at your toe
Gadd9 Gadd9/F#A patch of blue, a patch of dirt, a patch of prime, a
CPatch of white, a path through time
Gadd9 Gadd9/F#That's held like that because you're bored
C6We're better off
Bm7Well shake that cough
G C6It's not so bad
Bm7 GOk, it's worse
CSo keep your bread and mandolins, your fiddles and
Gadd9 Gadd9/F#Kept up with those you love because the benefits are
Gadd9 Gadd9/F#The rinse you find the path you grind distorted like a
CCondiment or feisty cast of characters, de facto, sans
Gadd9 Gadd9/F#Secure
CIf God begat the Mormon into laymen into brethren
G Gadd9/F# CInto birthdays into cardinals, and liars
[Break] Gadd9 Gadd9/F# C [Outro]
Gadd9 Gadd9/F#Don't take it off
CPlease leave it on
Gadd9 Gadd9/F#There is a place
CI have a twitch
Gadd9 Gadd9/F#There is a moustache
CThere is a cap
Gadd9 Gadd9/F#There is a wreck
CThere is a house,
G Gadd9/F# C GWhat's wrong with that?
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