Lari White – Wishes chords

[Verse 1]

FIf wishes were horses
G CI'd ride a fast one
FIf wishes were wings
G CI'd fly wild and free
FIf wishes were trains
G AmI'd be on the last one
FIf wishes came true
G CYou'd be loving me
[Verse 2] (C)
FIf wishes were blue skies
G CI'd never get rained on
FI'd walk in the sun
G CWhenever I pleased
FIf wishes were dreams
G AmI'd dream the same one
FOver and over
G COf you loving me
[Chorus] (C)
FI whisper your name
G COn each star I see falling
FThat old wishing well
G CGets each penny I find
F G AmAnd every year I blow out every candle
FAnd close my eyes
G CAnd wish you were mine
[Outro] (C)
FOh if wishes came true
G CYou would be mine
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