Late Night Alumni – Epilogue chords


[Verse 1]
AmIf I believed
EmIf I believed what I've been told
FEvery day
Am EmTo say no grace every night I couldn't stay
FHere alone
F AmIf I leave this place
Bm CEverything fades
Dm AmWhat will my ghost embrace
Dm Am G AWill my soul still fill a space
[Verse 2]
AmI walk the halls
Endless stairs
Em FHere's where the floor starts to fade
AmWith weakened knees
EmI sway two ways and fall to the floor
FWhere I've prayed
G AmIt's not the same
Bm CI don't fall one way
Dm AmOne day my light laid wait
Dm Am GOne night a nightfall sang
Dm AmA fictional last few days
Dm Am GAn epilogue ends and hangs
[Outro] Am
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