Laura Stevenson – L-Dopa chords

[Verse 1]

C                   C         A7

I'm a bright, white egg and I incubate

     Am    G                   C

In a warm, yellow light in the winter

C                                A7

And I'll hatch on a snow-covered morning

       Am          G               C

And no one will be awake to see it happen


[Verse 2]

            Am                  G

There is no history, there's no expectation

     A7    G                  C

Just warm, yellow light on my skin

C                                    A7

And I'm blessed by my mother, though I'll never know her

         G                 C

And I'll never be lonesome again


[Verse 3]

C                             A7

I'm a bright entertainer in a silent theater

  Am      G      C

I wearily quarry into

      C                            A7

And my mother she stands where the characters dance

         Am           G             C

From the light at the height of the room


[Verse 4]

C         Am

And every night I repeat the phrases

        G                       C

Just to see if she predicts the changes

        C                      A7

And I'd die for a word if it's all she'd afford

        Am        G       C

But she closes up knowing it



A7      C     G        A7            G

Where I am is right at the beginning of it

A7    C     G              C

All I know, I was born with

A7         C         G          A7        C            G

Where she is, she is fixed in a prison so fast, she is frozen

    A7      C             G        C

The air she breathes is a slow wind


[Verse 5]

C                              A7

I'm a tired arachnid, spinning loose in my threads

         Am           G        C

Building lifetimes of gossamer beds

C                      A7

And the filigree water drops around my head

     Am           G           C

They absorb every word that I said


[Verse 6]

C            Am                  C

There are no wings hitched to my spine

G                       C

Just an undying urge to climb

C                            A7

And I'll wait for my mother, supposing she'd bother

Am             G         A7

To hold me and keep me a while

C              G         A7

To hold me and keep me a while

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