Laura Stevenson – Dermatillomania chords

GThis acid flush of shame
DCan only be man-made
Em D G C G DIts ugly roses bloom and wither when I look away
GThe photographic bulb
DIt flashes and explodes
Em D G C G DOnly when I'm edging close to feeling weightless
Em CI'm a finger-breadth away
GAnd then I see your face
[Interlude] G D Em D G C G D [Verse]
GAre you rolling in your grave
DWhile I soak it with my piss?
Em D G C G DFrom the basement of your house, I can't find my way out of it
GSo scar up where it counts
DNo one can see me now
Em D G C G DDermatillomania, we lay our flags down
Em CAnd it's not a sign of hope
Em CIt's not a suit of armor
DOnly a reminder
G DIn them I see your face
Em CIts features are the skyline of
G Da city I can't place
Em CA city struck with plague and now
G Dyour eyes are out of frame
Em CBut I'll always know your name
G D CYou're lucky that you died before I could sing
[Interlude] G D Em D G C G D x2 [Outro]
Em CNow you're exorcised
Em CNow that I have hexed you
Em C GNow you're exorcised from my mind
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