Laura Whidden – Strong chords

C G D EmI've never had to walk five miles for water
C G D EmI've never been my family's only hope
C G D EmI've never had to trade my soul for shelter
C G D Gdespite my fears I'm nowhere near the end of my rope
C G D Em
C G D GOoooooo
C G D EmI never feel I have enough to offer
C G D Embut I can put a teaspoon in the well
C G D Emmy arms can't cross the untold miles to hold her,
C D Gbut my pocket change could save her from her hell
C G D EmI have a strong heartbeat, that quickens when I hear their stories
C G Dsus Dstrong assurance love is equal to the need
C G D EmI have strong conviction that pulls me to my knees
C G D GWe are strong together many hands and many feet
C G D Emcome and add your passion to the vision
C G D Emwe can free the lambs and feed the sheep
C G D EmWe've all whispered vows to change their fortunes
C G D GThey are wishing for a well and we've got promises to keep
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